25 disproofs of the Christian god & a postscript

July 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

After Emil Cioran’s Evil Demiurge

1. “Goodness does not create: it lacks imagination; & imagination is requisite to put together even a haphazard world” (8)

2. To birth something is to love the unhappiness of actuality, to multiply & perpetuate it

3. Christianity garners the multiplication of its people biologically, inconsiderate of the inhumanity of the proliferation of suffering

4. Encouraging communal societies suppresses divergent ways of life, the discovery of new things, & change

5. Strict codes of morality serve the petty desire to know always what’s happening in the home of one’s neighbours [by creating an expected, precise world]

6. No one can be alone, for independence is liberation from the celestial caste system

7. “Blessed were the days in which the solitary could explore their abysses without being judged plagued, disturbed” (50—51)

8. Monotheism fears the development of depth thinking, signalling insincerity

9. To know is the antonym of to think

10. Manners of Christian blockades: militarism & political concentration, elimination & conversion of enemies

11. The faithful are always the last unit in a sequence ever-distancing from Christ

12. “When the world becomes impossible & we sense that the physical contact with it is terminated, the cure is neither in faith nor in its negation (both are the expression of the same helplessness), rather in polytheistic amateurism — more correctly, in the idea we have of the world” (33)

13. Polytheism embraced too many gods, hardly discriminating, that it lost its direction & therefore appeal

14. “The future is necessary at all costs. Belief in judgement day formed the psychological ground for belief in historical necessity” (40)

15. Only those who have come to terms with religion’s emptiness can control its future direction

16. Constant being is identity left on the shelf, never questioned, never tweaked & therefore confirming itself constant by a methodological quirk [“Only the spirit that puts into question the requirement of existence is subversive” (156)]

17. Religion is an alternative to suicide — the purpose of suicide is to gain control over the future, not the past: a common misunderstanding

18. Mourning is the proof that what does not exist can still impact on actuality

19. “Even though I am not nothing, it remains for me to convince myself finally” (77)

20. Every definition measures the limits of something against the abyss; to live in doubt is always to be redefining one’s surroundings, to undo the binds of past signification, to become unnecessary to the existence of others

21. “[I]n the stomach reigns confusion, the inability to digest the world” (140)

22. Fear is inborn into the meat of our bodies; faith allows us communal grievance

23. The instinct for self-preservation has resulted in a near-universal enthusiasm for the longevity of life; with the notion of an eternal soul, monotheism found its biggest draw-card [heaven came later as somewhere to position this soul]

24. Life relies on unconsciousness [sleep, the breaking of continuity & constant character] for its rejuvenation

25. “If [the philosopher] aims at the truth, than all desire for coherency must be repudiated. He should express only what he thinks & not what he has decided he thinks” (151)


Emil Cioran does not count himself among the atheists. As he shows, investing in a single truth is an inheritance from monotheism. Therefore, he concludes that the position furtherest from faith is agnostic doubt. [Newtonian scientific method extends the market of monologicality to those unwilling to make the leaps of likelihood religion asks. Einstein’s relativity theory begins to distance science from this inheritance — that’s what makes it radical.]


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