48 haiku without you [& three omissions]

February 14, 2015 § Leave a comment

soon after we met
i googled all the world’s best

between overcoats
& undercoats, the trapped warmth—
that’s all love is really

not allowed to write
seven seas, a ship, a world
on your palm, i sink

don’t want to study
the color red, the color red
scrambles to my face

there’s so much to say,
like did you know i use a nitcomb
to brush my mustache?

disturbing the dust
& pure chaos of your flat,
i hate the cleaner

your lost glove, mismatched
now probably being chewed by strays
is an orphan too

silent, empty squares
of my calendar evoke
lost utopias

i live in your clothes
like once i lived in your flat.
i found place in you

there are no secrets
with the tea sommelier.
L. fans her hair

seeing those maggots
stir sadly in their small world.
cooking rice for one

toilet wall numbers
& our own abandon are
seasonal also

why measure people
by their capacity to love?
why not music taste?


you’ll know i tried on
your black cap ’cause I had to
adjust the damn strap

your toothbrush no more
leans against mine like an afterthought
of a one night stand


funny construction:
the way you write “i miss you”
without the “i”

sending you haikus
is like throwing into a void
origami cranes

avoiding the bed
& facebook messenger
to forget you’re gone

i miss looking at you
from across the room knowing
everybody knows

your co-ordinates
are like a neighbourless star,
yet i feel you sure as sun

i’m not subversive
without you to make out with
fucked up on the street

i don’t find myself
thinking about the direction
your toilet flushes

mornings: arise, arse.
in frivolous discovery
a tongue on your back

when people ask
i cover up your silence,
but to spare whose pride?

my heart is breaking
from a family announcing
fated cataclysm

in order to need what i need
i orphan myself

you’re fugitive,
on the run from abandon
& the laws of nature

my spice rack is full
because flirting with the spice shop owner
improves any day

promising to nap
doesn’t work in your absence.
melatonin does


your ex-lover’s coat
isn’t quite warm enough for winter
as if out of spite

under umbrellas
people are even less accessible
& more monstrous

it’s a bit early
but for when you’re back (at last!)
i bought a wheel of brie

listening to ssion’s
“i fucking care about you”
thinking, has he heard it?

shitcore without you
is just shit, like disco without
its edge of punk

seeing people wave
from windows: fortune telling
like weather reports

only your four cheeks
would be plush enough to calm
this lunatic fever

lovers measure time
in nights: pleasure accountants
in their dark hearts all

i will keep your bones
safe from disease. & when we divorce
i will keep your bones

twin peaks together
isn’t a commitment ceremony.
let’s dye our hair blonde

love is a darkness
when everything other dims:
the importance of touch

the world is greener
now i know i can climb the pole
at pink houdini

obscure animal
abandoned to ambition,
subject to pillows

it’s not just fame
when people you’ve not met know you.
i need to drink less

the tea is brewing.
but i wait also for planes
legs crossed, eyes straying

the forbidden words
can be sung for subtlety.
karaoke tonight?


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