Blogger’s Statement

All modern thought is indebted to Kant’s Copernican Revolution, realigning empiricism & rationalism by introducing the mind as constructor. It will come as no surprise that, as most fathers, Immanuel Kant is continually challenged. I am to look at the work of his children, who will to bastardize themselves [sometimes, to their detriment]. Philosophy & theory are not seen to be reconcilable with lived life by Kant’s bastards. They attempt a descriptive understanding of life rather than an indoctrination, for it is the ambiguous, untheorisable that is alive.

Their works I align with that of &/&: they belong to the sensibility of ambiguity which understands views to be best expressed from a number of angles at once — well-suited to the blog format. A cubism for essays, if you will. How is this to be reconciled with the preoccupation of linearity? Through the opposition between two distinct wills, one progressive [which follows a linear track], & the other towards an infinity [the creative, chaotic]. The hyper-rationality that has been encouraged since the scientific revolution — & later popularised by industrialisation — has pushed for an imbalance between these instincts.

The purpose of this blog is to aid in the understanding of individual & social histories through a serious investment in literary studies, where the speculation of truth is not taken for granted. We are in an age that appreciates the real effects of fiction — the personal ones we harbour & the dangerous political ones. The study of fiction has a real weight & importance today.

Anxiety is the sign of the age. We are marked by our predecessors who fought against its sister-ailment, depression. No one living is blest. We march penitently at the tail of soldiers, who have bled for nations & notions we no longer understand. Our generation consoles itself with hope or opportunity — from the heights of which our lifeblood flows in vain from our noses (all the more terrifying when compared to the predecessors’). Nothing is achieved. Nothing but absurdity is achieved. This is mysteriously reconciled with current ideas of progress & capitalism.


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