& the ampersands?

The ampersand — or Et-zeichen — engages with all levels of interest to the work of this blog. It is the symbol of ambiguity. On its own, the ampersand signifies nothing, only that there are at least two countable qualities connected by an ampersand


While a coordinating conjunction, “and” can also coordinate negations. The ampersand doesn’t harbour secret values


In order to define anything at all, a comparison must be made — that is to say, one thing is defined through its relation to other things. This requires the ampersand, the work of the ambiguous symbol


Like a chain of ampersands as found in the title, a blog is a series of culminations. This is what makes the blog a very modern form of expression where the systematic is replaced by ever-proliferating noise


Although a tool for accelerating proliferation, the ampersand can also be used for depth. The sequential chain can be formed by links of logic rather than association, not to hasten thinking but to give it dimension


The ampersand is a graphic symbol, not a letter [although visually based on the French “et”]. It signifies on a different level to letters, effectuating a small struggle — a hiccup in reading — thereby calmly exhibiting the difficulty of communicating ideas, the unnaturalness of language, as well as that of the progressiveness or linearity


In dialogue, the ampersand is an essential condition: all reading, all interpretation must be dialogic [polyvocal, polylogical]. Herein lies the magic of accumulative thought-progression between voices


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